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For 20 years I worked on the radio named after a nightclub.
People went to the club, danced, my songs glorified the happiness of meeting their soul mate, for one night or for life. The radio has always been playing something on the air – 24 hours a day, and it’s still playing. Customers advertised their products, club party sponsors, their bottles. I have always had a lot of work.

Since childhood, I wanted to become a sound engineer even at a time when there were tube tape recorders. In 1987 I entered the Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television and successfully finished it in 1992.

I wanted to become a sound engineer because I was mesmerized by the magic of the sound. But there isn’t much magic in advertising.  Only time limit – 30 seconds of sound. And the desire to reach into the wallets of listeners by promising them the fulfillment of dreams.

From just a sound engineer, over 20 years of work, I became a musician in a sense
Now there is also music. This is my life in sounds and verses.